CMTL’s specialist testing services employs a range of techniques to provide construction material tests and reports for your project needs.

Completed to the relevant regulatory requirements, our comprehensive construction material tests analyses the specified aspects of your goods for quality control and compliance.

Our highly qualified technicians offer a rapid and professional service nationwide. With vast experience across all types of sites, you are ensured of the best testing option suited to the requirements of your environmental and construction projects.

UKAS* & INAB Accredited Site Labs

CMTL's laboratories are UKAS* & INAB accredited in Ireland through flexible scope for laboratory testing services for large engineering and construction projects, providing a cost-effect and time-saving solution.

Our 1740 accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS* schedule of accreditation.

INAB Site Labs

Large scale direct shear testing

Shear testing helps to determine the shear strength of soil specimens. Our equipment can also be used to measure the shear strength of geo-synthetics.

Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete

The modulus of elasticity of concrete refers to the ratio of the applied stress on the concrete to the respective strain induced. This value is determined using a compression test on a cylindrical concrete specimen.

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