Based in Portlaoise, Ireland, our INAB accredited laboratory, and experienced team have the equipment, skills, and expertise to offer you a wide range of high-quality material testing services.

From sampling soils to on-site investigations and laboratory load testing, our laboratory and field technicians can help you meet the highest standards – all in accordance with INAB regulations.

Our range of services includes:

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On-Site Sampling

This includes the sampling of soils, aggregates, water, and earthworks. Our highly trained technicians collect samples of the required material on-site. They then conduct geotechnical and chemical analyses, compiling the results in an easy-to-understand report.

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On-Site Testing

Our comprehensive range of on-site services includes the plate load test, incremental load test, TDR Pile, and DCP and LWD test. We can also provide on-site concrete testing services with free weekly collections.

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Asphalt Testing Services

CMTL’s INAB accredited testing solutions are tailored to suit any project size - from small resurfacing jobs to full reconstruction work. We can provide nuclear density gauges for quality control on ride smoothness or sand patches for new pavement analysis. We also offer specialised coring options.

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On-Site Load Testing

With decades of know-how in load testing, our team provide a trusted service. We use the latest test rigs to carry out tests for balustrades, beams, glass panels, and handrails quickly and accurately. We also provide digital data acquisition and deflection gauges guaranteeing your building certification is up to date.

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On-Site Anchor Testing

Our meticulous approach to anchor testing eliminates common testing errors and adheres to International Standard parameters. We offer uncompromising precision in our tests, utilising pull/tension loads, digital deflection gauges and more. All with the capability of handling 0.1 – 50kN load ranges for any fixing type, including wall ties compliance checks.

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On-Site Investigation

We provide unbeatable field operations backed by INAB accredited analytical testing to ensure the highest quality results. Our specialised services range from cover and line surveys for detecting reinforcement details all the way through to non-destructive and destructive testing. We also provide voids mapping, coring, and reinstatement services.

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On-Site Monitoring

Our monitoring services include conducting critical load tests and utilising weights or water units for measurement accuracy. We install up to 16 sensors with a digital data logger connected to remote monitoring systems that measure deflection and temperature readings like wind level speed.

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On-Site Environmental

At CMTL, our team of experts provide essential environmental measurements and analyses to ensure your construction site is compliant. We offer monitoring solutions like dust, noise, and vibration surveys tailored for demolition and piling projects. We also provide 28-day dust pots and equipment hire services.

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Laboratory Load Testing

We provide reliable laboratory load testing services, ensuring the compliance of your products and performance declarations. Our experienced team can perform tests ranging from 0.1 kN to 300 kN on precast concrete items, fabricated panels, utility covers, and tension and compression elements with accuracy and precision.

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Laboratory Material Testing

Whether it's INAB Accredited gradings and flakiness tests or Los Angeles Micro deval measures – we can carry out a wide range of laboratory material testing. This includes rock testing through plasticity, methylene blue and magnesium sulphate sound assessments, slake durability checks, and concrete block testing. And many more!

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