CBR Test

CMTL provides comprehensive soil stabilisation testing to establish suitability for stabilisation or reuse. CBR tests and plate bearing tests are just some of the methods we use on site to analyse suitability for its intended purpose.

CBR Testing

California Bearing Ratio Testing (CBR)

The CBR test is used as a strength test which to determine the thickness of materials needed for the proposed road construction.

The CBR test measures the pressure required to penetrate a soil sample, compared to the pressure needed to penetrate a standard crushed rock substance. The harder the surface, the higher the CBR value will be. Typically, a value of 2% equates to clay-like substance, while some sands can have a CBR value of 10%.

Plate Bearing Test
Plate Bearing Test Service

Plate Bearing Test

CMTL offers a complete plate bearing test service for accurate and reliable information on the load bearing characteristics of ground conditions. Whether you are undertaking enabling works, producing lift plans, assessing potential crane locations or undertaking road pavement design, we can provide full plate bearing test solutions for your project needs.

Our end-to-end service includes test methodology and planning advice, on-site testing, comprehensive analysis and full reporting. Our approach guarantees a safe, accurate and fast service with fully auditable test results that are completed to UKAS standards.

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Benefits of Soil Stabilisation Testing

  • white tick icon Plate load test compliant with BS1377 or DIN18134
  • white tick icon Digital, real time data processing reduces test turnaround times
  • white tick icon Comply with the relevant British and European regulations and quality standards
  • white tick icon Evaluate the results on-site to save time, cost and meet project deadlines
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UKAS Accreditated Laboratories

Full UKAS Accreditation

Our on-site pop-up laboratories are fully UKAS accredited and enable fast analysis for a more cost-effective, time saving testing solution.                                 

Soil Stabilisation Testing

On-Site Soil Stabilisation Tests

Below is a range of testing we are able to undertake within our UKAS accreditation. Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and we can arrange speciality testing to suit your requirements.

  • California Bearing Ratio Value derived from the plate load testing method
  • Plate Incremental Load testing
  • Pulverisation tests
  • Density/moisture tests
  • Moisture Condition Value testing (MCV)