Concrete Testing

At CMTL we provide comprehensive testing to assess the quality of both fresh and hardened concrete. We deliver concrete testing for every stage of your project in our UKAS accredited laboratories. From on-site slump testing as you pour your concrete mix, to testing hardened samples for indicative characteristics.

Concrete Strength Test

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world. Therefore, a concrete strength test is vital to ensure it has the sufficient strength for its intended purpose. All tests performed by CMTL are compliant with industry regulations and relevant British and International standards.

We use an enhanced characterisation testing method (ECM) described in ASTM C1074 to determine the strength-maturity relationship to a 90-95% degree of accuracy. At least three sets of cubes are tested at different temperatures in our CMTL UKAS-accredited laboratories. Field trials have confirmed that the ECM increases the accuracy of the estimated strength compared to the standard (single temperature) characterisation method. The maturity index derived from the ECM has shown high levels of accuracy, which is important for complex pours, temperature extremes, and rapid cure of specialist mixes.

Concrete Strength Test
concrete testing

Benefits of Concrete Testing

  • white tick icon Early removal of formwork, saving time and money on projects
  • white tick icon Reduced road or track possession times for emergency repairs
  • white tick icon Highly accurate determination of strength in low and high temperature environments
  • white tick icon Optimisation of concrete mix design or for use with specialist applications
UKAS Accreditated Laboratories

Full UKAS Accreditation

Our testing laboratories are fully UKAS accredited and enable fast analysis for a more cost-effective, time saving testing solution.                                 

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Comprehensive Concrete Testing

Concrete Tests

Below is a list of the concrete tests we can perform from our UKAS accredited labs. Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and we can arrange speciality testing to suit your requirements.

  • Making cubic specimens for strength tests – including curing
  • Making cylinder specimens – including curing
  • Making beam / prism specimens – including curing
  • Sampling fresh concrete on site – composite sampling - spot sample
  • Sampling fresh concrete on site - Slump
  • Sampling fresh concrete on site - Flow
  • Sampling fresh concrete on site - Density
  • Sampling fresh concrete on site – Air content – pressure gauge method
  • Measuring the fibre content in fresh and hardened concrete
  • Water absorption
  • Depth of carbonation
  • Compressive strength of cubes
  • Compressive strength of cubes – including curing
  • Compressive strength of cubes – shape and dimension
  • Flexural strength of test specimens
  • Flexural strength of test specimens - including curing
  • Flexural strength of test specimens – shape and dimension
  • Tensile splitting strength
  • Density
  • Cored specimens - sampling
  • Cored specimens – examining and testing in compression
  • Flexural tensile strength (Limit Of Proportionality (LOP), residual) of metallic fibre concrete
  • Chloride ion determination in concrete and mortar
  • Location of reinforcement