Site investigations help to determine the engineering properties of soil and rock.

Our extensive selection of ground and site investigation techniques range from simple trial pitting to more sophisticated drilling and in-situ testing solutions. This information then establishes parameters for foundation and structure design in construction projects.

Each investigation is tailored to individual sites depending on site characteristics and testing requirements, and CMTL’s expert field technicians will perform phased site investigations to meet your project objectives and deadlines.

Proof Load Testing

Proof Load Test

Proof load testing includes a range of stress testing techniques to demonstrate the ultimate strength of a load bearing structure. It provides a conclusive method to prove a structures’ ability to carry or resist loads, in line with strict regulations.

Our proof load testing service provides a quick and cost effective way for determining safety compliance and asset fitness integrity.

Typical proof load testing applications include:

  • Static load testing of floors and slabs
  • Static and dynamic load testing of car park barriers
  • Proof load testing of lighting columns
  • In-situ testing of anchorage performance
  • In-situ testing of handrails
  • In-situ testing of lift shaft beams
proof load test
Landfill Testing Services

Landfill Site Testing

Our landfill site testing services include Density Testing by Sand Replacement to BS 1377-9 standard. In-situ dry density of fine and coarse-grained soils can be tested for compaction monitoring on site.

Concrete Testing Services

In-Situ Concrete Testing

Our expert CMTL field technician teams provide accurate in-situ concrete strength testing and condition assessment. Our concrete testing methods enable effective identification of deterioration, structural performance assessment and concrete strength determination.

We can conduct concrete materials testing and analyse the results to advise maintenance repairs for enhancing safety and extending the life of assets.

concrete core

Benefits of Site Investigations

  • Identify emerging problems before damage spreads
  • Demonstrate due diligence
  • Comply with regulatory standards
  • Ensure safety
  • Identify maintenance priorities and remedial actions
Reinforcement Survey
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Site Investigation Tests

Site Investigation Tests

Below is a range of testing we can undertake.

Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and we can arrange speciality testing to suit your requirements.

  • Proof load testing
  • CBR Testing
  • Plate Bearing Testing
  • Drilling and sampling
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Soil classification
  • Rock testing
  • Soakage Testing
  • Rotary drilling
  • Window sampling

* For a full list of our UKAS-accredited activities, please visit our Accreditations