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At CMTL we provide comprehensive aggregate testing to meet British and European standards. Our mechanical and physical tests are suitable for a wide range of natural and recycled aggregates, ensuring they are fit for purpose.

Aggregates used in construction projects must meet strict regulation and quality standards. Complying with these standards is often compulsory, so using our independent UKAS accredited laboratories for testing guarantees your compliance.

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Benefits of Aggregate Testing

  • white tick icon Comply with the relevant British and European regulations and quality standards
  • white tick icon Enable informed decisions on aggregate use from test results
  • white tick icon Ensure the quality of aggregate for its intended purpose
  • white tick icon Evaluate the performance of available materials
UKAS Accreditated Laboratories

Full UKAS Accreditation

Our testing laboratories are fully UKAS accredited and enable fast analysis for a more cost-effective, time saving testing solution.                                 

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Aggregate Testing & Analysis

Aggregate Testing

Below is a list of the aggregate tests we can perform from our UKAS accredited labs. Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and we can arrange speciality testing to suit your requirements.

  • Aggregate Crushing Value
  • Ten percent fines value
  • Moisture Content
  • Uniformity Co-Efficient (221 217)
  • Sampling stockpiles of fine aggregates by hand
  • Method of reducing laboratory samples (riffle box; quartering; test portion of specified mass within small tolerance)
  • Particle size distribution – sieving method
  • Flakiness index
  • Determination of the percentage crushed and broken surfaces in coarse aggregate particles
  • Assessment of fines - methylene blue test
  • Constituent materials in recycled aggregates and recycled concrete aggregates
  • Micro-Deval co-efficient
  • Resistance to fragmentation by the Los Angeles test method
  • Resistance to fragmentation for railway ballast by the Los Angeles test method
  • Loose bulk density and voids
  • Water content
  • Particle density and water absorption - pyknometer method for aggregate particles between 4 mm and 31.5 mm
  • Particle density and water absorption - pyknometer method for aggregate particles between 0.063 mm and 4 mm
  • Magnesium sulphate test