CMTL’s expert field technicians test a range of materials on-site to provide fast, accurate results.

Materials such as soils, aggregate, concrete and chemical testing for contaminants enable your project team to deliver to project deadlines and ensure compliance with guidelines and regulations.

Comprehensive Concrete Sampling

Concrete Sampling

Our comprehensive concrete sampling and testing enables accurate assessment of the quality of both fresh and hardened concrete. Available at every stage of your project, we can provide on-site consistency testing ranging from slump testing to flow table.

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Aggregates Analysis

Aggregate Testing

Our wide range of aggregate testing methods meets British and European Standards, together with Standard Highways MCHW requirements. On-site capabilities include both mechanical and physical testing on natural and recycled aggregates to ensure they are fit for purpose.

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In-depth Soil Analysis

Soil Testing

We can deliver soil testing with quick, accurate turnaround to look at soil strength, density, compaction and contamination data. Providing these results on-site throughout the project as required can ensure your construction process goes smoothly, achieving project deadlines.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Testing

Chemical analysis of soils and construction materials helps determine material composition, impurity identification, moisture and element analysis. On-site testing provision along with our analytical expertise ensures you receive the correct information required to support your material selection.

Benefits of On-Site Materials Testing

  • white tick icon Accurate analysis and test results, ensuring quality control and correct material selection
  • white tick icon Fast turnaround of testing services, saving time and money on projects
  • white tick icon Comply with the relevant British and European regulations and quality standards
  • white tick icon Evaluate the performance of available materials
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UKAS Accreditated Laboratories

Full UKAS Accreditation

Our on-site pop-up laboratories are fully UKAS accredited and enable fast analysis for a more cost-effective, time saving testing solution.                                 

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Need more information on our construction materials testing? Whether you need on demand site testing or a satellite UKAS accredited site lab for larger ongoing projects, or a complete list of the tests we provide, please complete your details and we'll be in touch.


Construction Materials Testing

On-Site Materials Tests

Below is a range of testing we are able to undertake within our UKAS accreditation. Please note, this list is not exhaustive, and we can arrange speciality testing to suit your requirements.

  • Construction materials sampling and analysis
  • Density tests such as Nuclear Density Method (NDM)
  • California Bearing Ratio testing (CBR)
  • Plate Load testing
  • Soil sampling
  • Fresh concrete testing services
  • Core sampling
  • Asphalt sampling and testing