Leading Geotechnical Testing Specialist

Construction Materials Testing Laboratories is a leading specialist in delivering high-quality geotechnical testing of construction and civil engineering materials.

With over 180 employees based out of five locations, four in the UK and one in Ireland, we are best placed to support your testing and analyses requirements through our expert technical teams and broad geographical footprint.

All our state-of-the-art testing laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 UKAS* and INAB Accreditation ensuring that the highest quality standards are met and delivering a service that you can rely upon.

* For a full list of our UKAS-accredited activities, please visit our Accreditations

Soil sample
CMTL's Services

CMTL employs a range of techniques to provide construction material tests and reports for your project needs, ensuring all regulations are adhered to

  • Accurate analysis and test results
  • Rapid response nationwide
  • Compliance with relevant regulations and quality standards
  • UKAS* & INAB accredited laboratories
  • Highly experienced technical testing team
Lab Services

Our materials testing solutions include

Concrete Testing

CMTL provides comprehensive testing to assess the quality of fresh and hardened concrete. We deliver concrete testing at every stage of your project. From on-site slump testing as you pour your concrete mix, to testing hardened samples for indicative characteristics in our UKAS* & INAB accredited laboratories.

Aggregate Testing

Our comprehensive range of aggregate testing methods meets British and European Standards together with Standard Highways MCHW requirements. Mechanical and physical testing is conducted on a wide range of natural and recycled aggregates to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Soil Testing

Our material testing labs are equipped to deal with large soil testing requirements. Our tests look at soil strength, density, compaction and contamination data to ensure your construction process goes smoothly.

Chemical Testing

Chemical analysis helps determine material composition, impurity identification, moisture and element analysis. Our analytical expertise provides you with the information required to support your material selection or future analysis.